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About is the ideal solution anytime you need access to your office messages, contact information, appointments or any other information contained in one of our supported products (PHONEslips, PHONEslips Group Scheduler or GroupReady).

You can setup from just about anywhere:

  • Your home

  • A client's office
  • Hotel room
  • Second office
  • Anywhere you have access to a computer and the Internet

How does work?

When you subscribe to, you receive our PSRemote Host software. This is a small application that is installed at a server or workstation at your office that has network access to your PHONEslips or GroupReady data and a connection to the Internet. It is not necessary to open any ports or configure anything for inbound traffic - this software only makes outbound connections - just like your web browser. You setup passwords and access rights for anyone in the office that will be using Once the host is running, it will make a connection to our proprietary data server and wait...

When a user wants access to their data for the first time, they go to the website and follow our simple 3 step install process. Just like at your office, no changes have to be made to allow incoming Internet traffic, the remote side also only makes outbound connections. Once it's running, it makes a connection to our data server and our server sets up a communication link to your already connected PSRemote Host software running at your office.

At this point you have real-time access to any PHONEslips or GroupReady data that you have been given access to.

Convenient, fast, secure

Unlike most remote access solutions, you can disconnect from the Internet at any time and work in an off-line mode. Anything you do will automatically be synchronized with the office the next time you connect. Here are some more product highlights:

  • Fully encrypted data communication

  • Supports dial up connections
  • Optimized for fast data transfer
  • Customizable data access at host and remote

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